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please visit our

new showroom at


1636 Route 9G

Hyde Park NY 12538

By appointment only!


CEMBRA Inc. is the sole importer of RIEDER products in North America.

Our goal is to provide highly energy efficient windows and doors directly to the consumer at an affordable price. Through CNC manufacturing we can fabricate any desired size at low cost and liberate the architect from the constraints of stock size products. Superior wood craftsmanship meets a high degree of automation. All orders are shipped straight from the factory to the point of usage, eliminating the need for storage and additional handling and thereby creating more savings for the customer.

We offer tilt + turn windows, various types of interior and exterior doors and large and small sliding door solutions which allow for a seamless transition between the indoors and any outdoor area.

Our windows have been approved by the Landmarks and Preservation Commission of New York City for usage in historic restoration. Please contact us with details about your unique project and we will do our best to exceed your expectations.



In a time of increasing environmental consciousness, we supply the category of products needed to create Passive House and Net Zero environments. Rieder products help reduce heating and cooling demands in structures, contributing towards a more balanced usage of our planetary resources – one building or home at a time.

​Wood, the primary construction material for our windows and doors, yields a neutral carbon emission footprint. Rieder windows are made with PEFC-certified wood from sustainable forestry; and, all components of our windows can be fully recycled.

Our Austrian factory complies to high industry and environmental protection standards. We use some of the safest water-based sealants and finishes available. Furthermore, our factory receives all its electricity from a hydroelectric power-plant nearby.

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